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Taking Care of New Trees – Part 1 – Planting Your New Tree

Planting Trees in Chattanooga

Since it’s spring, and people plant trees generally this time of year we will be doing a series on taking care of new trees. If you are new at planting trees or just need a refresher, feel free to follow this series.¬†Here is some helpful information on planting your new tree.

This from the DIY Network Planting a new tree:

…If you have a lot of trees or a big hole to dig, an auger, even though it cost $200 or so to rent for a day, is a real time saver. First, cut the container before putting the tree in the hole. Then, don’t be afraid to roll the tree on its side to make planting easier. Then, gently lower the tree into the hole and watch to make sure it’s centered and not crooked…

For more information on this topic visit the post here:

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